Disruptive Startups

Is your Startup a Disruptive Technology that focuses on the following B2B and B2B2C Sectors?

  • Digital Transformation and IoT
  • Health Tech and Wellness
  • FinTech
  • InsureTech
  • Agri-Tech
  • Telecomms and Media
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Smart Cities & Energy Tech
  • Education Tech and Skills
  • Mobility Tech
  • Climate & GreenTechd

Women Empowerment

Is your start-up focused on the empowerment of women in Africa?
  • Female founders
  • Female co-founders
  • Females in senior management and key decision-makers
  • Females majority employed
  • Your business model is focused on a majority female consumer base

Funding Requirements

Does your startup meet any or all of the following requirements?
  • Is Post MVP
  • Has completed a world-class accelerator and/or incubator program
  • Has successfully run and implemented at least one Proof-of-Concept (PoC) or Pilot with an enterprise client
  • Experienced core management team with successful prior track record
  • Is Post Revenue with demonstrable client/commercial traction
  • Is on track to raise investment and engaging with investors

Unlocking Fund Opportunities For Women Across Africa

Our Offer

What Can We Offer Startups?
  • Capital Investments
    • Seed stage: Maximum investment size of U.S. $500K
    • Series A stage: Maximum investment size of U.S. $2 million

  • Seed investments are done via S.A.F.E. Notes (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) at the lesser of the round valuation cap (if there is one) or a discount to the post-money valuation at the next priced round.
  • Quick investment decisions.

  • Access to a network of global advisors that startups can select to work alongside their business.

  • Access to an extensive African and global network of mentors, corporations, and partners to help grow and scale your business.

  • Introductions to institutional investors at Series A and beyond.