FIVE35 Ventures

FIVE35 Ventures is committed to delivering superior returns to our investors whilst at the same time unlocking the immense potential of Africa’s technology startup ecosystem of female-focused businesses and in particular those that address the needs of the African continent and the empowerment of women in Africa.

Investors interested in partnering with FIVE35 Ventures are welcome to contact us to set up a meeting to discuss collaborative ways in which to add value to the African startup ecosystem. The Fund focuses on investment sectors that improve the quality of life of millions of Africans through technology. We have identified a number of sectors that we believe are building the foundation for empowering corporates and individuals in Africa to create meaningful and sustainable solutions.

Click hereto find our more about The 35’er Club – an opportunity for women to be invest in FIVE35 Ventures and be a part of a community of global women investors

Email us at to receive the FIVE35 Fact Sheet, providing additional information about the Fund and the Fund Terms.